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Our Learning Methods Explained

Our learning methods is a technology mediated delivery model, focused on flexibility, accessibility, and academic support to provide the ultimate learning experience without compromising teaching time and quality.

* As per Communique 2 of 2022 from the Council of Higher Education, all programs accredited for contact mode only may be offered in all delivery modes for the 2023

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Full Time, Contact
(Hybrid) Learning

A modern twist on traditional face-to-face, full-time learning. Our contact classes are delivered via Hybrid learning, providing students with the flexibility to attend on campus, virtually, or both.


Full Time, Online

Extending our reach with online only, full time learning. Our progressive technology platform and people-supported academic journey giving students access to our classes from anywhere in the world.


Part Time, Flexi Online

Designed for the working professional, our part time programmes provide you with the flexibility to manger your own schedule and pace of learning. Sessions are conducted after hours on selected weekdays, and on alternate Saturdays.



Classes are conducted in Hybrid format allowing attendance face to face or via the live Virtual Classroom.


Classes are conducted via the live, Virtual Classroom throughout the day.


Classes are conducted via the live Virtual Classroom after hours.


Have all your classes ready to be downloaded and watched, anytime, anywhere.


Our learning platform and App ensures that you never need to miss a class, whether due to ill health, traffic, or transport issues.


Get valuable academic support throughout your academic journey with access your world class student support team. 

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