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Application for Registration

Procedure for enrolment:


  1. Candidate is required to complete the application from for registration in full.
  2. Upon receipt of application, a student advisor will be in contact with the candidate to discuss the outcome of the application and way forward.
  3. Should the candidate like to conclude their registration, an invoice with banking details as well as a list with required documentation will be sent to the candidate.
  4. To secure enrolment slots, payment is required to be paid within 48 hours after receipt of invoice.
  5. Once candidate is accepted, all documentation required is received and payments processed, the candidate's enrolment journey can be started.
  6. Please note: The Academic Institute of Excellence does not qualify for NSFAS Bursary Funds as we are a Private Higher Education institute.


1. Applicant details

If you need assistance because of a disability, please specify the disability/ies so we can plan to help you:

* Note: Application is subject to review to stipulate availability/ accommodation for said disability

2. Programme details

The programme details are subject to change, therefore we request that you please confirm all information with your assigned student advisor or refer to our website at for more information.

3. Applicant contact details

4. Parent / guardian contact details

Compulsory for applicants under the age of 18 years old.

5. Person responsible for the account

6.Payment details

  • - The application will not be processed without the registration fee.
  • - All payment terms are subject to finance approval and completeness of documents submitted.
  • - Purchase order applicable to students who are sponsored by a business.
  • - Foreign students are required to pay 50% fees upfront.
  • - Please visit to review “Pricing & Payment Options”.

7. Accompanying documentation

    The student should submit all of the following documents with their registration form:

  • 1. Copy of student ID/passport
  • 2. Copy of Matric Certificate/NQF4
  • 3. Proof of highest qualification (if applicable)
  • 4. Foreign students: study permit (if applicable)
  • 5. Disability supporting documentation (if applicable)

    The following documents must be submitted should payment terms be required

  • 1. Copy of account payer ID
  • 2. Copy of account payer’s most recent salary slip/3 months bank statements
  • 3. Proof of account payer’s address
  • 4. Legal entity registration documentation (CIPC Certificate) (if applicable)
  • 5. Signed debit order authority form
  • 6. Purchase order (if applicable)

8. Upload documentation

Please upload ALL required documentation as stipulated in section 7 above. No applications will be considered without the required documentation being in place. *Please upload all documents in PDF format

9. Disclaimer

Confirmed at on this day of 20

Please read the Terms and Conditions before submitting the application form.

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